World Class Water and Irrigation solutions

Irrigation and smart farming

Not long ago, if a farmer wanted to produce more, they needed more land, More labour, more resources. Grow more with less through using world class irrigation technology that saves water and financial resources. Irrigation is changing the economies of Agriculture.

Solar water pumps

In this era where climate is becoming very unreliable and unpredictable, Sustainable Irrigation using Solar pumps and IoT technology to save water are more relevant.

Community Water Projects

Everyone deserves clean water, it’s everyone’s Right. Community water projects to transform Rural livelihood.

Fish Farming

In the past, Fish was only found in a lake, Today you can have fish in your compound. Become the next fish supplier in your town with Irrisol fish pond services. 

At IRRISOL We are committed to offering quality, Affordable and Reliable products and Services customized for every Client’s needs.